STI Living (acronym for "STile Italiano") has been founded and it is currently managed by a group of experts working in the field of furniture since 1962 and it is nowadays present in the International market with the most qualified 100% Italian manufactured brands. Over the years, the STI brand has actually become a real reference point, in its positioning level, thanks to its refined style, strictly connected to the high manufacturing skills, and its exclusive collections, constantly in line with the actual requirements of each individual market trend.

STi living collection includes sofas, armchairs, beds, kitchens and furniture, big and small. All these creations are drawn by renowned designers and architects cooperating with or working directly for STi living; their signature is forged in the objects they create, to make them unique and unmistakable. Always.

Refined simplicity and carefully studied distinction are the particular traits characterising all of STi's products. If elegance is a game of lines, matching of colours and use of top quality materials, then STi living's pieces of furniture are extremely elegant objects, designed to furnish the space in which they live, personalizing and distinguishing it. The STi living's furniture is in line with each individual style of living.
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